Cold Chicago Productions Ltd., run by Warren Leming, Kurt Jacobsen and Hugh Iglarsh, in association with fiscal agent Near North West Arts Council of Chicago, produces shoestring-budget guerrilla documentaries, videos, theater, and, occasionally, unholy blends of all the above. Documentary projects include the award-winning "American Road", in which Asner voiced Walt Whitman and The Weavers' Lee Hays, and "The Milagro Man: The Irrepressible Multicultural Life and Literary Times of John Nichols" which premiered at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and played at many others.

Also completed is "Velvet Prisons: Russell Jacoby on American Academe" (55 min. 2013) which premiered at Culture Unplugged's "Humanity Explored" 2013 Online Film Festival. Other projects include a feature length look at the sinister sway of eugenic ideas in American life, a documentary on legendary journalist and screenwriter Clancy Sigal, and a short feature based on an Ambrose Bierce civil war story.


The documentary will be completed sometime in 2017 (fingers crossed).


Warren Leming is a former member of the Second City Touring Company, musical director and actor with Paul Sills' Story Theater Company, a founder of the band Wilderness Road (Columbia and Warner Brothers), a theater director, author of several books, and creator, with Denis Mueller, of seven earlier documentaries.

Kurt Jacobsen has published ten books and written about cinema for periodicals ranging from the Chicago Reader to Film Comment to the London Guardian. He has worked on documentaries in the US and Europe, including as co-producer and co-writer of the forthcoming ‘The Legend of Charlotte Bach’ from Malachite Productions in the UK.

Hugh Iglarsh is a writer who contributes regularly to New City, Counterpunch and other periodicals. He also is coproducer of 'Velvet Prisons: Russell Jacoby on American Academia.'

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